A possession story

Everything in this existence, has an origin story, whether sentient or insentient. I have always believed in originality, the crude form of a matter or being shaping their true identity. I believe reality can still change with circumstances and time, but originality remains constant.

I remember myself as a childhood superhero, my troops much younger than me, believed in a story, I cooked up about an old fallen tree, who in life was an old wizard, he transitioned all his magical powers to me before perishing. And like any good followers they followed me, agreeing on my magical abilities, more so making me agree in a childish lie. For sure these innocent adventures were fun, but as I grew up, I did realize i had no magical powers at least not in the supernatural sense. 

But you know magic in some form did stuck with me, it reminded me of my true mystical nature on cold night of winters, hot summer afternoons, wild thunderstorms, when all I wished to do was to make a safe shell, my comfort zone, a tiny bed tent to explore all the wonderful mysteries of this world. The excitement, the curiosity, the urge to know the unknown, the will to touch the intangible. I believe that’s the magic I held inside me, the original me which always made me self content. 

However, this world has its way to shape your reality, after all you are made up of mud. Sometimes your true self can be trapped inside this muddy suit of yours moulded by the people surrounding you. Your originality, screaming, struggling to break itself from the fake elastic body you wear each day to suit your environment. When this torment makes itself visible as scars on your presentable form, your sanity is challenged. In days before medical science, it was tagged as a demonic possession, in control of entities  who will bring your nemesis. In more modern terms, mental disorders, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, list goes on. Both having their tough course of diagnosis and treatment. 

But have you ever wondered, that it could be the real you trapped inside a you, who thinks that it is the real you, because the world says so. All it wants is to break free, all it wants is to possess you, all it wants is for you to be the original you. For I believe all possession stories are not scary, negative and bad. 



  1. This resonated with me on such a deep level. Whenever someone asks me what I want most or even in my own self reflection it’s always the same response “to be free”. Profound write up. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


    • Thanks Aanchal, with me as well, though I mention that I find myself when I am a mystic, but those are rare moments or else I feel trapped, but someday I do believe I will break free, and I wish the same for you. Thanks for reading 😊


  2. This is a very thought provoking piece, Vinayak! Societal rules and expectations certainly shape our behaviors, and in doing so greatly remold who we may see ourselves as. But, as for the real question, should they? I just don’t have a good answer. The best I can offer is I support you, whomever you decide to be, the real ‘you’ or the ‘you’ you need to be for them.


  3. I have always believed that, what we think about ourselves reflect in what we do, and how we do. Firstly if we believe we are not like the miserable pointing fingers, but more like a gift we can well off start believing in the true nature of us. Yes societal opinions mask our true self, but we have to travel off-road to notice ourselves. Everyone can make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that is the part of their identity unless recurring.


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