Friday the 13th special

Hello readers, 

Wishing you a happy and spooky Friday the 13th. There is always something mystical,omnious and spooky about this day.

And why am I  saying all this? 

Because spillwords press has published one of my dark tales “The eclipse” on the only Friday the 13th of 2020. This marks my 2nd international publication and though considered as unlucky this is a special day for me. Especially due to the fact that I have always been fascinated by the world of Mystery, scifi and horror and the reflection of my interests translated in my poems.

Hence please read my work and share your opinions.

The Eclipse

I never imagined my words had a potential to reach a wider audience, unless I met each one of you. Your support and opinions have always been important and motivated me to write more. Thank you  everyone from the bottom of my heart for taking time to read, like and comment. Wish to stay connected with all of the awesome readers and writers in the world of poetry.

Have a great day, stay healthy take care 😊🙏😀



      • No, I do not work for Spillwords, but I have been published there and just finished a ‘Spotlight on Writers’ interview I hope will be published soon. So, in checking what their upcoming posts were going to be, I noticed that had you scheduled for publication today. There is usually a section on the lower right of their page that lists upcoming posts for the next few days. That is where I found you. I keep a keen eye on all the talented poets out there, especially the ones I consider a friend!


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