This is not the end…

Today I am putting myself into the shoes of someone terminally ill.. Only makes me think.. 

There are two strong magnets in this world that play a major role in my life. One is the core of mother Earth which binds me to the gravity of this reality, another is the cold white hollow cave of a MRI machine which gives me the glimpse of my limited future. Today I am visioning life, time and death from the perspective of someone who might be aware of his definite end. 

I have never feared death, even though I know, I can never completely understand its true nature, at least not in this existence. And what we do not understand, always makes us insecure. Let’s take the example of the global pandemic, the novel coronavirus 19. What do we fear? The intimidating life cycle of this virus or it being a bearer of death? Or this very time which makes us feel like the world is ending. But to be honest the nature of these viruses are not very different from us, viruses look for hosts where they can create copies of themselves and in that process they eventually destroy their  hosts, repeating the endless cycle since eternity. Are we not doing the same with nature? Only difference is we are consciously sentient, to make the right choice about what we wish to create and in the process what we may end up destroying. 

So why do we fear something that is so similar to us? Even, I do not have a right answer. But I know one thing for sure, during my darkest days, nature has always stood by my side. Like how someday I would step outside the hospital, demoralised, contemplating my life and its sufferings, when a little white bird will poops on my shoulder, a sign of hope that this time will also come to an end, but is this end defined as the continuity of a mundane life or the infinite possibilities that death brings.The answer to many questions that only unfolds with time. 

Hence I have decided to live today, in this time, fearless, with hope in my heart and a will to look after nature as it looks after me, until I get the right answers, even if it comes in form of death. 



  1. I love the precept of this piece. Taking and verbalizing a particular view, especially one you are not intrinsically given by experience, is always a risk for a writer. You have done this well and honored those who live these fears. Well written, my friend!


  2. Hey,
    I got an image with the same question shared by my friend and my answer to it was we have acted as a virus to earth. Cannot deny the damage caused by us.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 👍
    Stay Safe


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