The Frozen spring

Fresh dew drops on the glass window,

Are like magical lenses of hope,

They let me feel the distant spring,

For I am a captive of my own doings,

Hiding; safeguarding my vulnerabilities,

From the rage of the mighty nature,

Even though, proclaimed as greater being!

But do not worry, spring is on time,

As scheduled, the season of Joy and shine,

I could feel the air like an ethereal fragrance,

Even the Sun glows with a warmer essence,

I can feel the tender leaves between my fingers,

These babies tickle me, give cheerful shivers,

Look Earth is blooming with colorful flowers,

Caressed by the refreshing dew in heavenly showers,

And humming of bees are like music to ears,

Gracious butterflies flutter without any fears,

The gorgeous cherry blossom is blushing in pink,

Gurgling of a stream, Oh sweet water to drink,

And the busy ants toil hard for rainy days,

True symbol of unity, what can ever put them at bay,

And the beautiful birds soar high in the sky,

True symbol of freedom, that’s why they can fly,

And look how elegantly the animals roam earth,

True residents of nature, from very day of their birth,

Finally, our planet looks untainted and clean,

Greener than ever, with a very proud sheen!

I am lucky to imagine spring, yet feeling envious,

But I know the fate of human kind ,was obvious,

While we are locked inside in our darkest time,

Spring is bestowed upon true beings of the divine,

Step back from the harmful doings, I beg to recline,

Or else it won’t be long, from face of this planet,

our whole species will eventually decline!

But we will see what fate our destiny will bring,

Will it be a tranquil life, or death in a frozen spring!!




  1. You have woven these words so beautifully, Vinayak! A great reminder that the world continues to turn and the seasons continue to come and go amidst the disruption we all sense and fear. I love the longer length that allows for a story to unfold and highlights your writing skills. Well written and shared, my friend! Stay well and safe! πŸ™‚


  2. You have a certain sorrow in your writing but whatever you write, comes out as real strong imageries of your emotions. Captivating and haunting and brave and sad.


  3. Your “frozen spring ” brings so much to mind of what is happening now because of the virus. Thanks for the hope that the “tranquil life” could soon be upon us.


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