I was once the brightest light within you, 

Too shiny, that it blinded your insights, 

Hence you banished me into the darkness, 

Only to be an invisible shadow by your side. 

Yes, I am the thought that you cannot comprehend, 

Yes, I am the eerie feeling that you cannot defend, 

Yes, I am the you that does not  false pretend, 

Yes, I am the sorrow that you hardly withstand, 

Yes, I am the force with which your heart expands, 

I am the one whom you can never understand! 

Yes, I can be the one that can drive, 

Yes, I can be the one to make you strive, 

Yes, If my meaning you can never  derive, 

Possibly all your solace, I will deprive! 

So make your mind crystal clear, 

Open your heart to me my dear, 

Let me reside inside you at the rear, 

For even if you reject I would be near, 

You can’t forget me, I am your fear!! 



  1. A powerful representation with vivid imagery, beautiful hyperbole, and a chanting tonal quality and flow. Sometimes your darker images shine the brightest. Well written!


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