The Dark Side

Many think that the darkness , I possess,

Is a tiny blemish, that can be easily removed,

by the short lived whitening of several faked smiles!

But they have heard my subconscious screeching,

Scared, now they hide behind their positive shells,

To intimidated to step forward, extend their help,

Some are curious, what hides behind those haunted walls,

They have seen the blank board I call as mind, and on it ,

I draw petrifying images of my vividly dark imagination,

the one that makes you gasp for your hopeful soul,

why am I mocked to embrace a near certain death,

and to fear an uncertain harsh reality called life..

I know the world runs on an opposite wheel of time,

Embracing each moment of this uncertain life..

and fear the inevitable knock of a certain death…

I am not bothered by ghosts of past or whats unknown,

For there is a lot of blurriness even in life that is known!

But then they call me as a negative person,

Enlighten me, which device in the world?

Measures the polarity of a human nature,

For me its about acceptance of dark side,

As it lets me see clearly, the brutal truth,

Even in the absence of any source of light !

It is not that I do not rely on a positive scope,

But also understand there is a lot pain as well to cope,

Call me crazy or an unreasonable dope,

Fine,I am the fallen one, at least I am not hanging,

on the edges of a false glistening hope!!

man walking in the night



  1. It does seem as we are continually asked to deny the existence of the dark all around us, just so others won’t have to be denied some false light they hang there hopes on. What some see as negative, is often as real as life gets. Sometimes much truer than the sunshine everyone wants to package and blow up each others skirts. Well written, powerful, and brave! Well done, Vinayak! Missed the balance you provide.


  2. Choice awareness is allowing the existence of both. There must be darkness in light and vice versa. Both play an important role. There’s power in acknowledging of both and allowing it to flow as it does, constantly changing as life does. It’s that allowance where acceptance of what is exists. Shadow work used to bother me because it felt too overwhelming yet the more I practice accepting it the more I learn about myself. That’s the point after all, growth and evolvement of self.
    Thank you for this and reminding me how important darkness is.


      • It’s my pleasure. As in “regular life” I have my good and bad days yet overall I know what is happening to us. This is the Great Awakening and a resetting of our world. The Unicerse is showing us who is truly in control. I am using this time to sit with myself, allow my creative passions to flow and guide me.
        I hope you are well too my friend, much love and blessingsπŸ™β€


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