My poetry is not dead

Many assume my poetry is dead!

Do not worry, me and my pen are temporarily resting in bed,

While the world is practicing social distancing,

There are more than ample thoughts in my mind’s compact spacing,

But I want to pick the right shade for my art,

A tint of vivid colors drawn on life’s blank chart,

Don’t worry, poetry is the only light that shines in my head,

But I want it’s glow to touch your heart until you utter “well said”

Until then, I will be around in some words, hope you will miss me,

But dont worry you will always find me in a beautiful art that you see,

And if you ever plan to take a trip to the magnificent poetry land,

You won’t be alone, Rain Alchemist will be by your side, holding your hands!!

Dedicated to all the wonderful readers who read, like, comment on my work. You guys are my motivation and inspiration for life. I know I am away, but not gone, not sure if my trifle presence matters, but if does I have missed you, hope you have too. Take care, stay safe!



    • Thanks a lot Brad, you have been very kind and have read all my work. Your comments have really helped me build my work. I will definitely be around, take care and be safe😊


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