Sure, giving up in life, is like surrendering yourself to dark,

Inside a dense, thick fog, without any escape, with zero vision,

But slogans of pseudo hope and optimism are also like foggy apparels,

That one worn during tough times when there is no clarity,

Just to console our dreaded soul probably there is light at the end of the tunnel,

One thing that does remain constant is the uncertainty of what may happen,

The probability theory of life, for or against us,

The secret grimore of our fates which no human can access,

But then belief is a crude element that also exist, isn’t it?

Some are lucky to find it outside in this selfishly smogged world,

If not, then try finding that spark inside of you,

Use it as a torch to traverse the unclear rough terrains,

And if you think you are moving in the right direction,

Hold one or two hands, maybe that way world will become a little selfless,

And if you reach your goal with all your dreams and sanity,

then you become the fate, the hope, the clarity our kind deserves,

But if you bump into another closed door,

Don’t just think you can’t do this anymore,

Just remember, there are so many of us stuck and left behind,

Look deep inside, awake that spirit, let your efforts rewind!



  1. Powerful and compelling. It flows naturally with a conversational tone, yet each line holds its own beauty and truth. Well written, my friend! I have missed having your words add to my world. Stay well!


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