Gravity of love

You walked in my life like a marvellous storm,

Rearranging me anew as for long, I was deformed,

In my life you brought a lot of wonderful commotion,

Swirling around my strongest, sharpest emotions,

Gravelled feelings rose above the surface of my heart, defying gravity,

Because they aimed to reach the sky, as you were like a heavenly deity,

I thought to have tasted the ecstatic sweetness of successful love,

That I imagined, I had the forever happiness of fluttering doves,

But you were a mystery, like you came, you were gone,

Leaving my world astray, I was again lost and alone,

As my longing for you, tremored into painful raging jolts,

The ascended affections arrowered my heart as deep piercing bolt,

Sure there was a lot of agony before all went numb,

I kept thinking, why this happened, why I was so dumb,

Now I keep a watch for any spectacular storm of a same intensity,

Keeping my sentiments at bay, never allowing them to elude gravity!!



  1. An exceptional poem, Vinayak! You lyrically take us on this journey with such vivid images and stringent words. And you close with such power. A remarkable piece of work and some of your best! Well written, my friend!


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