The Desert Massacre

The blood Sabbath and the glittering gold,

What’s the message behind the a dream so cold,

You glimmered like sun with an axe in your hand,

Surrounded by bare corpses on the desert sand,

In the darkness I approached your fiery Self,

Quivering in fear, sensing the horrifying delf,

You roared at me with your glowing eyes. Saying “Run away?”

“Before my weapon lusts again for a bloody sway”

Realizing our friends are carcass on the Arabian land,

A victim of unrevealed crime, penalized by your devilish errands,

What’s got into you “A mass of hellish fire ball?”

You were not a Grimm yet you killed them All….

An imagery of horror so grotesque…

I prayed to almighty for the perished souls rescue…

Perspiring, Scared, Pale and statuesque

I concentrate on Hymns coming from a sacred mosque…

Words of Almighty transcended me to a tranquil Hallow,

Woke up startled yet calm, as if escaping from deathly gallows…

The blood Sabbath and the glittering Gold…

What’s the story behind the dream so cold!!



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