The night had the hunter’s moon at peak,

Three lonely souls had some answers to seek,

First found, a long lost human voice in the winds,

Second, nurtured a bleeding heart with rhythmic spellbinds,

Third, tormented by phantoms before the dawn prescind.

That night had the hunter’s moon at peak,

The portal between other worlds were weak,

Their chance to find the truth was already bleak,

As they had lost their path to hollow moonlit creek!




  1. There is an eerie beauty to your words. A crossing over between the mortal plain and the realms beyond holds so many possibilities. Your words leave a ghost behind to plague the readers thoughts. Well written, Vinayak!


    • Thank you Brad, I must say this piece is one of the weirdest outcome of my insane thoughts, initially I thought there is no meaning to this work and no one would understand as there are lot of hidden meaning and ambiguity in each instance I quote. But then you got it right, so I guess job is done.


      • Some of the meaning is subtle, but not ambiguous. IT is written in a way that allows the reader to either find the hidden truths you convey or to find their own demons and meaning within. Either would be considered success! Don’t second guess yourself, my friend! This is good writing!


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