A spiritual lesson

I am a mythical tree dwelling spirit,

Safeguarding earthly magic, that’s my credit, 

Managing moon cycles tasked in my merit, 

For which I was born, for which, I exist! 

I transact its celestial essence as it waxes and wanes, 

Recycling our charms, as we both,loose and gain, 

I am as complete as any existence on moonless night, 

But on the bright full moon’s, invisible to a single sight! 

 We cooccur in harmony to maintain a natural balance, 

Complimenting our duties in each other’s presence. 

I have looked upon the mundane world, as an age old sprite, 

They run more or less similar, but with lesser delight. 

The human world is in chaos and very unstable, 

Because the more visible have always dominated the less capable! 

But trust me no miracle happens without a sacrifice, 

Sometimes you become whole, sometimes precise, 

Coexistence is appreciating one’s presence, even in their weakest moments,Β 

Being there for each other, instead of becoming opponents,Β 

That why moon and I, will never change, 

Forever remaining in the business of the magic that we exchange! 



  1. The metaphorical relationship you so beautifully describe between the moon and the spirit resounds with hope for our current situation. I hope your words are heard loud and clear. Well crafted to ink, my friend! Hope you are well!


  2. An extremely deep message through this piece. I especially see the depth in this line
    “Complimenting our duties in each other’s presence. ”
    The world is a great arrangement to discover our potentiality, to sculpt ourselves. Yet the sculpting happens only when others around become tools. Your life cannot be chiseled without others doing their parts to make this great art happen.
    Amazing and many thanks


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