A lost story

I was like an open book, 

You preferred keeping me closed, 

Until my story got lost with time, 

Our journey started and ended, 

In a breif summary, 

But I know the desire to know me, 

Still fascinates your heart, 

That why probably you look for me, 

In deep poetic metaphors, 

To content your guilty soul, 

That you probably know the tale, 

Which you always failed to read! 



  1. I love the perspective of this verse. No matter how open the book maybe, it still requires a desire to read it if you hope to gain anything from the words. I enjoy the paced timbre and flow. It reads beautifully. Well written, my friend!

  2. Oh I think people who want to read you will read you no matter you open up to them or not. They will poke you to know you.
    A lovely read. 😊


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