I am going to tell you a strange tale of a small town,

Listen to me carefully, don’t once put your curiosity down, 

Because inside you there is a eerie feeling that it’s going to invoke, 

When you will dive into the weird legends of nemi folks! 

While the modern life of a small town is mundane and boring, 

Up above the dark forest Hill, many unexplained events are occurring, 

 In middle of a sterile clearing where only reddish unnatural thickets are growing. 

It’s said! What goes there once, never find their way back, 

Lost forever in the isolated barrenness, their journey is always a set-back! 

There is a lore about cursed hidden clan who worship Nemesis, 

Our Sun’s lost cousin, doom of our existence as per the old prophecies, 

Some say, the infamous red star never lost its dominion in a planetary quest, 

But remained dormant, only appearing to few disciples but invisible to the rest! 

The nemi folks appear like wooden stick figurines, defying earthly gravity, 

They levitate up above their dark blooded soil, to pray to their crimson deities, 

They sway their branched arms into thick canopies to filter any ray of sunlight, 

There world is red hued, where the nemesis rises and blesses the auburn blight! 

So don’t lose your way into the deep forest, 

Because as they watch, you will feel uncanny in your chest, 

In their reign, even the elements of our nature stop their expressions, 

If you enter their arid void, there is no escape under their suppression! 

Some says they lure you into a trap by imitating familiar voices, 

Some say they confuse a traveler’s way by altering their mind choices, 

Some say they bend natural rule of time and space disobeying many logic’s, 

Some say they appear as barren trees or stick monsters right on people’s scared faces! 

They are known to steal your heart to fuel their unholy barren lands, 

They will torment your soul until you can no further withstand, 

Sacrificing your heart and soul to the bloody nemesis shrine, 

They taint and transform you, into a fellow stick figurines! 

But these are mythical lore that the living tell,

No survivors to validate, that’s why probably the fear sell, 

Hence you pack your gears to find the truth, like a brave hard shell, 

You are skeptical of the evil forces that some say still dwell, 

Wake up now from the delusion, you are prisoner of wooded arms that ragingly swell, 

A stick phantom approaching, that terror in your eyes before your say your farewell! 



  1. Wonderfully dark, mysterious and provocative. It taps into our subconscious fears and rattles the mind with penchant fear and foreboding. Deliciously descriptive and colorfully expressed. Your nod to the tall tales passed down through time paints this in an eerie and spectral light. Well written, my friend!


  2. This is an excellent poetic masterpiece.

    I first came across mention of Nemesis (the sun’s evil twin) when I was researching the secrets of Fatima (the village in Portugal where the Virgin Mary was said to have appeared to 3 shepherd children in 1917).

    In the 2nd Secret of Fatima that Mary told the children, she prophecied that a “world war worse than the current one would begin in the reign of Pope Pius XI unless mankind stopped sinning and doing great evil” (World War I was being fought at the time of the appearances in 1917 and a Benedict XV was then Pope).

    She told Lucy the eldest of the three children that ” when the world was illumined by a mysterious bright light making the night as bright as day”, that would be the sign given to the world that a Second World War would soon begin.

    On the night of January 25th, 1938, a mysterious light did appear all over Europe.

    People were able to read the newspaper at night without the use of electric light.

    Adolf Hitler saw this bright light lighting up Europe at his exclusive Buchtesgarden Chalet in Bavaria and remarked to his personal architect and minister in the German cabinet Albert Speer at the time, “Now we will shed blood.” (The incident is recounted in William L. Shirer’s book Inside The Third Reich).

    A month and a couple of weeks later, Hitler invaded and annexed Austria.

    Hitler’s formal military campaign for conquest and world domination had begun (in the reign of Pope Pius XI).

    Many scientists attributed this bright light phenomenon on that night to an extraordinary display of the Aurora Borealis.

    But Jesuit priest and historian Malachi Martin noted on a radio program in the 1990s that the Aurora Borealis does not reach as far as Australia where the same bright light was also seen during an Australian evening on that same date January 25th 1938.

    Father Martin said that there was a second dark star in our Solar System rarely visible to the human eye but known to appear on some significant occasions in World History.

    This, Martin stated, that he believed was the bright light that illuminated the night sky on January 25th 1938 that led Hitler to announce, “Now, we will shed blood.”

    I knew nothing when I heard this interview replayed on a YouTube podcast about 4 or 5 years ago about a second dark star in our solar system rarely visible to the human eye except on significant occasions in World History.

    I started researching and came across mention of Nemesis in various world mythologies and folklore.

    I’m certain from what Father Martin said in his interview that Nemesis was the star he was referring to and it was Nemesis that showed its light on January 25th 1938- the night Hitler spoke those words, “Now we will shed blood” a month and two weeks before invading and annexing Austria.


    • Thanks a lot for reading and sharing your perspective. Indeep the poetic tale is inspired by Nemisis sun’s twin. Astronomically it’s also said that our sun was a part of binary star system but no one knows what happened to the sibling, and since then many conspiracy theories about the end of world in hands of Nemisis has surfaced. I have also read the account of the miracle of Fathima and its a topic which intrigues me till date. You perspective raises more intrest on such topics. Thanks for sharing and as always your comments matters a lot 😊


  3. Frightening and mysterious. Intriguing topic to read about. Your writing does makes a person to dig into the topic. Fascinates me that such people do exist. Question mark.


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