What’s life without challenge

The great valors were once vulnerable,

Joy was narrated in language of pain.

The fierce also fought in shadows of fear,

Without sacrifice what was there to gain.

Brute mockery shapes the nature of wise,

Criticism is the sculpture of worlds finest art.

Valueless can also sing songs of victory,

Even optimism at times is clouded with self doubt.

The one who knew it all, look they are still learning,

You can’t rest well, until your earthly duties are churning.

What is a happy solution, without a tough problem,

Have you ever seen a change without a challenge!

So many a times I gave up, still got up and tried,

No! my efforts were not my only pride,

My sufferings equally complemented my success stride.

The fallen can rise and create their own stories,

All am I, strong or weak, was probably mentored by my own miseries!



  1. The antithetical wording of these lines is wonderful! The concept, that one does not exist or is less valuable without the other, speaks directly to my own Taoist beliefs. To foresee change in every challenge is a beautiful sentiment. Well written, V!


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