Introduction to someone special

Dear Readers,

Its been a while I have been running this blog, bringing you a piece of my thought through my poetries and writings and I must say I was treated very well to the amazing world of writing. I want to express an extreme gratitude to all my readers for reading, liking and commenting on my work. You all are very dear to me and your presence has always motivated the writer within me. While I know it’s been a while I am not regularly active but I try to bring in exciting and new content for your reading at least once a week.

Oh, said enough about myself, this post is to introduce someone new and equally brilliant. Presenting Arcadian Verses, she has a very unique style of writing and equally profound art skills. If interested check her website @

I am sure you will stumble upon something unique, new and exciting. Enjoy the world of reading, until next time Rain Alchemist signing off.

Stay well and safe 😊


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