Life’s bargain

There is something deeply rooted in my subconscious, 

It’s the place where I trade the element, for most very precious, 

 It is some more time that I seek as life gets fragile and cheaper, 

I am trading few extra moments from the inevitable grimm reaper! 

If you let me live, through pain I shall pay my mortal cost, 

Will accept happiness even in form of tumorous blindspots, 

Just let me fullfull a little more of my earthly duties, 

For I don’t care in afterlife, If I belong to hellish or heavenly communities! 

The death mocks from the darkest corner of my mind, 

Says I am fool, I know nothing about existence, that I can ever unwind, 

Asks what will I do of that extra time, suffer  again and rewind, 

Instead It will await for me in peace, to come back again one day to remind! 

The prophetic words of the reaper shatters my dellusion, 

Yes there is a lot to living but what has been my true vision, 

For life seem nothing but a maze of grand illusions, 

If my reality itself is a question, then all thats around must be a confusion.

But this unreality still feels very genuine, hence in any form will be my true obsession!

All my lifetime, I have searched for sweet  freedom, 

Now realising I am bound, seems like the true wisdom, 

Knowing that I am attached to many on this physical plane, 

Sounds emotionally maundane, still worth the bargain! 

Till the time I breathe, I may not find life’s great revelation, 

But will walk a path through this tough maze, my faith will be my true divination,

So, Reaper you shall come when it’s time to set me free, 

Until then tie me a little more, let me live to some degree! 



  1. Masterful, Vinayak! I love how you openly question both existence and life in an effort to determine a value. The conversational tone allows it to flow beautifully. The nuanced references of a searching soul are beautiful. I love this one!


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