Starry Night

It’s a call of the starry night, 

I have to move away from city lights. 

Today they have promised to shine bright, 

In friendly clusters for my delight! 

Find a serene dark spot, be by my side, 

For some moment keep your troubles aside. 

Because star gazing will fill your heart with wonderment, 

It’s a perfect aid to achieve life’s attonment! 

Look how the terrestrial planets are in perfect alignment, 

Like on a drill tonight, based on sun’s gravity assignment. 

The gas giants litter their glitter througout the night sky,Β 

The Cresent moon thought, today let me also hang by! 

The great bear, Ursa major reigns the northern axis, 

It points at our favorite North star, the radiant Polaris. 

It’s the star that guided travellers in their ancient saga, 

Oh let’s not forget, there is another north guide called the Vega! 

What will you focus on, so many options otherwise, 

Don’t be lost yet, just above the north horizon there is comet Neowise, 

It is visiting our galaxy passing hard celestial stages, 

Spot it now in its full glory, or else it will be lost for ages! 

I notice your eyes shimmering, in a breif journey of celestial farside, 

Look at the shooting stars, it’s the grand show of meteor Presides. 

And the orion nebula is the marvellous canavas at their backside, 

Painted with reddish purple stardust with innumerable stars alongside! 

Does not the infinite glimmers put you in state of ecstasy, 

Oh there is more to see, look a little away to spot the Andromeda galaxy, 

In far off future probably it will be our milkyway’s proxy, 

One day they will merge to form a spiral metagalxy! 

Witness the trillion stars yet it always feels, I have seen nothing, 

Ignites a deep desire, each time mabye, I will spot a new something. 

Well this quest can’t get over on a singular night, 

Before I retire an exiting theory emerges my mind’s sight. 

What if, like me, there’s another on a distant star, who watches the universe in similar delight! 

This piece is inspired by the recent spotting of the naked eye coment Neowise. It was a spectacular celestial phenomenon witnessed through out the world. And while you are out star gazing to spot a specific object, you cannot ignore the other marvels of the universe. Hope you all enjoy the poem



  1. This is a delightful poem. Informative and exciting to read. A sky gazer would love to read your poems. Celestial bodies have so much to say and a relief it provides once you dive into it. It has its own peace.
    Enjoyed reading it. 😊


  2. This composition drips with the awe and wonderment one feels when looking at the night sky. The form lends itself to a story like flow with such intricate rhymes. And you close by highlighting our connections to the world around that we share. Beautifully written, my friend!


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