The dream walker

Have you heard of the legend of dream walker, 

It can walk through your dreams as a night stalker.

Sprinkling it’s sinister nightmares to make your dreams darker, 

While residing in the deepest corners of your fears, as a creepy lurker! 

If you are awoken at night, as the ravens are crowing, 

If you feel cold jitters, look behind, a shadow is growing. 

And a sharp nailed claws brushes and scratches your spine,

You look around to find many misshaped faces bizarrely entwined! 

On your chest sits a grey haired hag who sings an ominous lullaby, 

A disfiguted flying joker makes scary expressions, that your mind can’t stand by. 

And far away from your bed you can see a pair of red lights, 

They are it’s eyes that flicker in a frightful grimm delight! 

The nightmares don’t let you rest as you stay up the night, 

You open up the window to dismiss the unreal fright.

As you watch the street lamps been exploded by an invisible force, 

A lingering darkness in your heart without a light source! 

You sweat and shiver from the effect of the foul, 

Close to your ears, your hear snarls and growls.

Your blood is racing as your soul is panting, 

Your nose filled with pungent odour, followed by demonic rantings! 

As you survive through the night under your blanket, 

The thing under your bed tries to pull your jacket.

And yes there is something in closet too, 

It keeps knocking thrice to stop and to continue! 

Now in a shock, you are alert and wide awake, 

What next you will witness, may not be a piece of cake.

They say if you see the walker, forever your balance will shake, 

For he is a dark sand dust who creates terrors that seem too real to be fake! 

Suddenly you experience an eiree silence, 

Tonight, you are the squeaky rat amidst a sinful presence.

It’s horror like monstrous talons gripping your sanity in a vicious prowl. 

With bat like wings and piercing red eyes it appears in form of a humanoid owl!

Then the walker stares straight inside your breaking mind, 

Tells you, he is the predator and his prey, the scaredy mankind! 



  1. You know I love when you allow yourself to dig into the darker senses and feelings. This is beautifully worded with such vivid embodiment of the supernatural. I love the flow and rhyme scheme throughout. Well done, Vinayak!


    • Thanks, though I don’t restrict myself to fictional horror writing, I must say that’s the genre I like the most. But if you would be kind to look at my work there are poetry on many different genres and colors.. Thanks for reading my work again, means a lot 😊


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