A choice

We blossomed as one, like a lushed red flower in our hearts, 

Spreading the fragrance of our affair in the silver city of love, 

For a while it was beautiful amidst the warmth of our garden of Eden, 

But where you not the kind, who could not stay for long, 

I still wonder, what was missing, that you decided to move on, 

Yet you feared to be alone, hence plucked our affection as a sovereign, 

Thinking you gathered a part of me, while ending my feelings in the process, 

Now you keep the dried reminisce under the captivity of you lonely life, 

Turning those pages, trying to savour the lovely scent you once sacrificed. 

It took long for you to contemplate the loss, ages ago emotions died and fell, 

Hope you realise you had a choice of heaven but still decided to live in hell!Β 


  1. I love the imagery and sentiment you present here. A poignant and powerful representation of what choices hold for us. We rarely get a say in what choices other people make, but we do get to choose how those choices impact our own lives. There is a touch of sadness in your words, but not a sense of defeat or loss. Just the melancholy of lost love. The toughest part is reconciling what we may have lost in the process. Well written, Vinayak!


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