Magical corn moon

Amidst the obscurity of September’s twilight,

The corn moon is playing a game of seesaw,

With its celestial ancestor, none other than Sun! 

It hangs high in the sky with a creamish smile,

As the old star hides under the dusky horizon. 

A rare moon, its glory will only last for a night, 

Unlike its cousins, gracing eternity for seasons! 

 It’s blushing all the attention with a chromed lunar ring, 

And golden sparkling rays that flutter with magical wings. 

Risen in a dusty shade, between the yellow and red,

A symbolic inbetween of life and then what’s dead. 

It bid farewell to the brightside, welcoming the fall, 

An essence of light but also a staunch reminder of nightfall. 

In its breif appearance , it also come with a spectacular surprise, 

Gifting twin full moon’s in October, an autumn’s reprise. 

The Harvest moon, will be a guide for all thats still unseen, 

And the mystical blue moon will uprise to celebrate the spirit of halloween! 



    • Thanks a lot Brad, I wrote this based on the fact that this corn moon never happens, September always welcome harvest moon, this happensed hence we will see a mystical moon on Halloween night. Thanks for reading 😊


    • Thanks a lot and as you are aware I have quite some I can submit on the dark topic, I am also considering to write a Halloween special, will see how that turns out. I will surely submit some of my work to spillwords and hope they consider.


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