A Queen’s tale

A queen who led her clan with sheer elegance,

Raising wise nobles and loyal warriors in her guidance,

Success stooped to touch their feet, such was her essence,

Blessed with great wits that defied any common sense,

Good to the right, fury to the wrong, a fair judgement to all in her presence,

A great achiever but always wore a humbled appearance,

She is passing on her mantle, what will happen in her absence,

Her people shook with emotions and now a little less of confidence!

Her heart filled with pride and gratitude, from the love of her audience,

Sad, yet she smiled, said, I too am nothing without all your persistence,

I know I am valued by you, but how can I ever express your importance,

Just believe in yourself, move forward with strength and some patience,

I have seen you all growing from innocence to valour of immense experience,

Hence have no doubt my reign will continue to flourish with same consistence,

And I am sure the battle will always be running for our survival and existence,

You are my best soldiers; you will bring great honour to our clan’s sustenance!

Those motivating words pierced their heart,

Any fear they had carried will now depart,

While the Queen will miss her dedicated clan,

Her life will take a turn, she has other plans!

Then she continues with smile and tear,

You will find me by your side, never fear!

If any day, you are worried I am not around,

Or your mind is troubled by that uncertain sound,

You don’t have to think, that I am gone somewhere,

Just ask of me, for you all, I will always be there!

My first poetic dedication in a hard copy and photo frame as a memoir to my mentor, whom I admire, respect and forever be grateful for the contributions in my life. Hope you all like A Queen’s tale.



  1. A beautiful dedication, V! I have no doubt that it will be warmly received. The flow and mono-rhymes of the first few stanzas are rhythmic and lyrical. And you close the story with a subtle shift that highlights the power and strength held within your final lines. Well written, my friend!


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