A special thank you

Dear Readers,

It has almost been a year since I started my poetry blog. While I had carried the interest to write from a very long time, most of my work never had a real home to stay or belong. Hence I thought probably I should start a blog, a reservoir to host my thoughts and maybe someday I can contemplate my writing achievement. But trust me I had no great expectations, even to get a like or comment on my work from fellow bloggers. Most of the time I use to feel if I have to self reflect my life, I will spend some time here, me in my wrriten experience all alone.

But today my opinion has completely changed, I met such wonderful people, artists and creatives in this forum that I feel my solo perspective was preconceived notion. I always use to feel my poetry has not come out of the hobby, instead of the chaos that life bestows, but I see that changing now, as with each passing day I am more passionate about what I do in this world. I specifically enjoyed the last few months exploring the different genre, topics and style that I got to incorporate in my writing. I thank each one of you for the positive influence you have brought upon me.

So today it’s my Birthday, feeling a little awkward to reveal that to a wider audience. I have always been the shy, hidden kind and today I also share an achievement. 2000 followers on my blog and it only grows each day. With each post of mine, I have got a good response from all of you, your likes , your comments, feedbacks have always mattered and that has kept me going all this while.

And the best part is not about me, it’s about all of you, all your wonderful creations. Such knowledge can never be absorbed in one lifetime. I have learned so much and am glad to connect with each one of you in some or other way. Keep doing all the great work you do because it brings a revolutionary change in many people’s life, sometimes when even you are not aware.

So if you ask me what’s next, I would say, this is not a reservoir of limited thoughts to solace with, this world is an ocean, filled with invaluable pearls. So I am more strong and passionate about what I will create next for I know there are few in this world who will be ready or waiting to listen to my thoughts. While I will also enjoy the experience of witnessing all that’s wonderful around!

A deep thanks from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for connecting and letting me be a part of all that’s beautiful. Take care , stay well.

Your follower and admirer, Rain Alchemist

On my birthday, while I am contemplating the trophies I have received, there is so much more I still haven’t achieved…

With ambition filled heart I must proceed.
To share a part of my gift in exchange for your kind deeds!



  1. I’m a few days late but Happy Birthday from a fellow Virgo. You are a wonderful writer and we are blessed to have you here sharing your thoughts with us. Wishing you nothing but continued success.

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