What do we want?

We hope for those chilly drizzling rainy days,

To seek the fire that for a while has gone astray.

But if this rigidity becomes your consistent norm,

You look for hardship invoking a raging storm!


The one who has battled fierce tempest for a while,

Wish for sunnier times, to break the rough exile.

But too much of warmth also burns your heart to ashes,

You urge for a cold distance to find your inner solace!


But for how long you can sustain a frigid winter,

You again crave for love with loneliness you shiver.

All these varied expectations will always haunt,

While understanding human nature and their flickering wants!


In life, some love birds have forgotten their forever song,

Others still talk to the grave of a dear one dead for long.

The dying expresses a wish to complete life’s to-do list,

While others give up in their shell, to live they resist!


Curious knows a lot, yet they churn the secrets of oceans,

Deeds of the limited are ignorant, filled with brute arrogance,

Some help while carrying their heavy baggage with persistence,

Others complain every pinch of life in their dreaded existence!


What do we have and what do we still need?

Hope the answer was simple, one that we could all have agreed,

For our ever-changing desires maybe we need all the seasons,

To feed our fickle characters to survive for various reasons!


This poetry is dedicated to my Grandpa on his death anniversary. I think what little wisdom I can ever posses in life and the one that is also a reflection in some of my work has come from him. As a true disciple, I have learned a lot about life, its ups and downs, happiness , despair, loss, gain , survival, motivation and last but not the least death through his life changing tales. I wish his stories forever lives inside me and shows me the light in darkness. That is what I wish and that is what I want. Hope you will connect to this piece. Take care, stay safe.



  1. Loved this V! Each stanza can stand on its own as a complete thought. The form and meter allow us to flow through the words with little resistance. The comparison of our wants to the ever changing seasons is brilliant. Although touching on the philosophical, it stays grounded in the reality that any reader can understand. Well done, my friend!


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