The cursed Manor

Tonight, the old manor is in the spotlight of a rare Blue Moon,

Draped in a sinister macabre, in its walls an imminent threat loom.

Once prosperous its inhabitants doomed by a terrible curse,

Punishment for their cruelty, one that cannot be reversed!


It was a grand mansion, now dilapidated and covered with creeps,

Its broken walls afflict remorse that will haunt one very deep.

Outside, the lush green flora has turned to dried thickets,

What speaks now is dead silence, not even the noisy crickets!


They have to pay a heavy price for every life they have torn,

By paying a debt to darkness through the sacrifice of their newborns.

An infant born this night when agony and despair blooms,

Will be the harbinger of death, it will be devils heirloom!


As the howling vengeful wind lashes making the floorboard creak,

Underneath a hidden basement child-like critters growl and shriek.

Far from a distance, one can hear the ominous Banshee’s song,

Forming as orange orbs, the suffered souls have also come along!


A revengeful doing of an intimidating gypsy witch illtreated when mortal,

In the afterlife, wields the power of fallen angels, long-feared immortals.

Appearing as a fire breathing gargoyle, through a blue beamed portal,

To avenge her tribe, her wrath on this family is extremely brutal!


The flying demon circles the dying castle, scorching its drylands,

From the moonlit light pillars, dark entities descend on this Ashland.

The sky is gleaming blue, while the ground is burning red,

In its smoky remnants, walks strange creatures of the undead!


Ill-fated lady of the house is going to give birth to her thirteenth child,

The prophecy says it will be inhuman, ravenous and beastly wild,

It will feast upon its folks, against its power humans will remain docile,

It will bring an end to the family line, freeing them from the hexed exile!


The rise of the hideous prince taints a dark beginning,

Cheered through snarls by its half- breed fairy siblings,

Long replaced by the dark fae, in form of fiendish changeling,

A sinful gift to the manor, to commence its inevitable ending!


The manor is a forsaken, ghostly abandonment from this very night,

A plethora of supernatural beings have assembled to witness this sight.

If not ripe with gluttony, it’s grace and fame would have remained,

But evil has its way to take control, whom we should blame!




  1. Wow.

    What a fabulous read.

    A supernatural narrative poem with a sinister old house, a blue moon, a witch, banshees, gargoyles, fallen angels, the sacrifice of newborns and a 13th child that’s a hideous prince with half-born fairy siblings.

    A masterpiece of supernatural horror.


    • Thanks a lot for reading, your comments and perspective on my horror fictions has really helped me to develop my writing as well as come up with fresh contents. Glad you liked the piece 😊


  2. Loved this Vinayak! Beautifully dark and sinister with such imagery and metaphor. A wonderfully versed story that takes us on a journey. The rhyme scheme is elegant and perfected. One of your best, my friend!


  3. Terrifying, horrific imagery. Halloween effect can be grasped by reading this. The creaking creepy floor and gargoyles and witch wonderful combination.
    13th child does it has a significance?


  4. Omg I loved this… the descriptions are so well done. I feel the haunting essence in the prose, and the longing it brings out in me is strong. I don’t know what it is about this time but I crave this stuff. So well done, truly! πŸ™‚


    • Thanks a lot for reading and your wonderful comment. I do agree with you, the season of fall, the harvest moon and then Halloween does bring a longing for mystical stories. while I try not to restrict my writing to horror, this is one genre I love to write as well as read. You will find quite some of them on my blog like the hell train, Rubrum daemonium, the blood village, a story of ice and fire, night of bizarre, a night in the season of fall. And there are many more to add on the list that I have written. If you find time do check them out on my blog and please do share your feedback. Thanks for all your support πŸ™


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