Mortal Doubts

The day appeared unusually dull,

Even the brightness was dimly lit,

Attachment flowed in form of tears,

Over the lifeless body that once exists!


In time as such, we always tend to ask,

The primary dogma of life and earthly task,

Since our being is measured and brief,

Why it is cooked with ample grief?


We are here, not to stay for very long,

Eternally unsure where we truly belong,

A pinch of joy is what you ever get,

In a forever illusion, hard to forget!


And all must bear a loved one’s loss,

Then why should even our path’s cross?

Why transient strings deeply attach?

If by death they have to be snatched!


The end cannot be an easy acceptance,

When we struggle hard for sustenance,

Are all our toil just false distractions?

Vague emotions with worldly attractions!


Such are the doubts of mortal souls,

They seek the truth that’s hard to unfold,

Just play along in this grand simulation,

With short lives and material possessions!


But maybe all is not meaningless in life,

Experience gained is an invaluable price,

Loved memory never actually fade away,

Whether here or we transcend faraway!


And maybe we will meet in the afterlife,

In another grand plan together we strive,

Not sure if we appear the same, as you and I,

Embracing presence our consciousness can’t deny!



  1. Well written, V! There are a number of individual lines that really stick out to me, but as a whole this is wonderfully expressed. The meter and rhyme have a smooth and even flow leaving it rounded and full. It invokes a questioning of what lies beyond and allows the reader to explore the concept in their own minds. Well done, my friend!

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