A magical Union

I always imagined our alliance as an ethereal fantasy,

That perfumes a love-smitten heart in blissful ecstasy.

You arrive in a fog bowed cloud as my beautiful bride,

For you, I have crossed seven oceans; that’s been my pride.

Held by rain shafts, we meet under the chromatic rainbows,

Our union, sermon by great alps as we exchange our vows.

Windblown trumpet music caressed by serene sunglow.

Nature’s Commemoration staged in a spectacular show,

Magical matrimony, about which the whole world would know!



  1. This is more focused to the story line than some of your previous works. Although you touch on some very heady topics, we never lose sight of where the words are heading. And you close wonderfully bringing the story full circle. Love the length, form and rhyme scheme. You writing continues to expand, grow, and become even more beautiful. Well done, Vinayak!


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