The last dance

The season of fall always makes me wonder,

How can our stitched fate be torn asunder?

A promise for life, we were a perfect match,

How can a strong bond like that ever detach?


A lot of our dreams that could never advance,

Into a beautiful life, they didn’t bud or enhance.

So I ask from you for one last Autumn’s dance,

Not sure in the future we ever get that chance!


Lets swirl under the spotlight of a harvest moon,

Staged by fall-colored trees, once again, lets bloom.

The cold October wind is bringing some lovely music,

The fall foliage as our prop, the set up is ecstatic!


Moonlight evokes emotions that feel so deep,

Let them ripe inside for me to carefully reap.

The breeze is singing all our favorite songs,

Telling us at this moment, we truly belong!


The orangish heart-shape leaves grace our dance,

In this fantasy, our souls meet in a fall romance.

Let me caress you once, to embrace our last kiss,

As we prove, even an autumn affair can be bliss!


As we spin together, I wish to hold you tight,

Allow me to lose myself on this surreal night.

Let me absorb feelings through our inner sight,

Let me feel your presence for an absolute delight!


Like an ethereal dream, Autumn left with a footprint,

Our memories on its dried core will forever imprint.

Our short love story, neither outstanding nor tall,

But will remain published in the reminiscent of fall!













  1. To recapture remembered love in such a beautiful image as an autumn’s final dance is exquisite. We are drawn into the moment and the emotions that are real and tangible with the vivid imagery you provide. There is an elegance that makes this read like a dance. Swirling and swaying in all the right ways. Well done, my friend!


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