Halloween Series : Short stories of scares – update!!


Dear Readers,

Following the introductory post to my brief series “Short stories of scares” I will conclude the series with 7 chapters, however the last 2 chapter will be published on the blog by 31st October as I am unable to continue the daily format due to some unforeseen circumstances. As mentioned earlier, I truly enjoyed writing my first series so far and would like to thank you all for your support. I would wish to come up with more such concepts in future. Take care stay safe.

Rain Alchemist


Dear Readers,

I hope you all are safe and doing well!

I am excited to announce that starting tomorrow ( 19 October), I am coming with a brief series called “Short stories of scares” to embrace the spooky season. As you must have noticed from my work, I genuinely enjoy writing the horror genre and exploring the same through my horror fictional poetry. I know the concept is not new, and during Halloween season, many proclaimed authors, writers, podcaster, movie makers celebrate the festivity in their style and formats.

As a developing writer, I wanted to do something similar sometime. My ambition for this project is to post 13 spine-tingling bite-size tales until the eve of Halloween for my readers. However, I do keep quite busy with my regular work and life commitments. Hence forgive me beforehand if I am not able to maintain the consistent 13 story approach. I will be posting the first seven chapters of the series from the 19th till the 25 October. I hope my words don’t run short, and I can continue the series for a full thirteen chapters as aimed.

I have enjoyed this idea, and writing some of these stories have been a fun-filled experience. Also, these tales have roots in India. Hence a lot of names, locations, references are of Indian origin. I will try my best to leave a short so that my non-Indian readers understand these references. Lastly, I hope you will enjoy the series as much as I have and shower me with your likes, comments, or feedback.

Thanks always for your support, take care.



    • Thanks a lot, Brad, for your faith in me and your eagerness to read my stories. I too hope you will enjoy it 😊. I am little behind schedule to read your inspiring work and will be reading them soon. But I like to keep them in-store and then read once in a week like a book. It’s a different level of enjoyment for me 😊


      • I always appreciate your time given to reading my work and your insightful feedback is priceless for my continued growth. My words are always here at your convenience. Take care my good friend!


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