I told you, I will rise again,

Life and death both are illusions,

Every day, I set the stage for my pyre,

Flaming my existence into shreds,

My ashen sacrifices of gallant love,

Travels with the winds of legends,

Sharing tales of karmic experiences,

One if not relatable, easy to ignore,

If valued, life lessons one can procure.


All the material joy you ever embraced,

Will soon be dust slipping from hands.

What will remain is an invisible essence,

Devoid of physical touch and presence.

Pain exists in the drought of pleasure,

Like darkness in the absence of light.

The choice will always be within you,

To follow the path of agony or delight!


Past will remain a historical interest,

Learn and move on, in it, never invest,

Future will bestow infinite possibilities,

Be ready, don’t crib on your life’s eligibility.

The present will stand right on your face,

Good or bad, always handle it with grace!

The concept of time will teach you a thing,

Change is a variable, defines your being!


You will always remain alone in this battle,

Sonner you realize, stronger your mettle,

Don’t always look for a hand to hold,

It’s your self-journey for you to behold.

Strip your soul from great expectations,

Miracles can happen in any variations.

Be like the son (Sun) that burns each day,

To give life to his beloved mother (Earth)!


Hence, I told you, I will rise again,

Above the illusions of life and death,

For cycles of eternity, I will be reborn,

To fulfill my duties that I have sworn!




  1. An exceptional poem, Vinayak! Wonderfully rhythmic and smooth in pace and tone. The rhyme scheme lends an architecture to the beautifully crafted phrases and word choices. The symbolism and metaphor are delicious and powerful. The story unfolds and leads the reader to the natural conclusion of the thesis and we are reminded that we must rise anew each day. Well written, my friend!


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