A Winter’s Miracle

The last remnants of Autumn hang delicately on their branches,

The wild polar winds are the shrill sirens announcing the arrival of winter!

They wish to carry away anything and everything standing on their way,

Dried leaves detach from life only to tumble down to their inevitable fall,

Scratching against the surface, they once looked down with arrogance,

But they will find a safe space somewhere; now they belong to the world of debris.

Dead resurrect too in a winter miracle when snow falls as fairy dusts,

Informs of magical runes, the spell puts even the broken in peaceful rest.

They have lost the vibrant colours of life, now to be painted in all white,

Frozen and pale outside yet thawed in the fireplace of winter delight!

Wearing the fury coat of frost, the fallen foliage’s will remain warm,

Until in a new season, they will rise once again in some other form!



  1. This is splendid. It is very focused on the subject which remains prominent throughout the lovely phrasing and metaphors you have incorporated. The imagery is spectacular and your use of alliteration gives it a beautifully lyrical lilt. Well done, my friend!

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