Witches Mark published by spillwords!

Dear Readers,

One of my horror fictional poetry “the Witches’ mark ” got published by spill words press under the special Haunted holiday series.

Read it https: https://spillwords.com/the-witches-mark/

As always, thank you for all your support. Please like, comment or share your feedback if you enjoy the poem.

Take care, stay safe !


  1. This is a highlight of your skills as a writer and poet. Beautifully descriptive with powerful imagery. The form flows effortlessly through the macabre world you have created. We become captivated in your story, quickly reading to find out what happens next. Well done and much deserved recognition of your talent. Bravo, my friend!

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    • Thanks a lot for reading this again Brad and I am sure this is a second time I have your wonderful and insightful comment on this piece. I sure did enjoy writing the tale and creating the weird world, but if I have to be honest there is a grain of truth to this story. Anyways that’s a topic for discussion some other time. Until then I am extremely thankful to you for your consistent support. Take care brother !🙂🙏

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