The Christmas Star

Today, the universe will put an act for our rejuvenation,

As the gas giant’s spectacle in planetary conjunction,

Saturn and Jupiter will finally hug, after eight centuries of being afar,

They will shine like a merged stellar birthing a new Christmas star!

Probably one such great event became a spiritual emblem,

When the majestic star conjured the blessed sky of Bethlehem,

Guiding, the wise Magi’s on a miracle journey towards Jerusalem,

To pay homage to the birth of Jesus, who rose to restore this world’s Shalem!

In this collapsing era, our faith is the only source of true magic,

Denial and disbelief in nature will only make our lives more tragic!

Hence like the wise men, guide your intuition and open your heart,

For the birth of the lord within you and see all your troubles will depart!

Either a believer or a sceptic, look forward to this mystical night,

In this lifetime, it’s your only chance to experience such delight,

Above the horizon, towards the south west sky, ponder your curious sight,

If you witness the Christmas star –

Replenish, your soul under the aura of its charismatic starlight!

The Christmas star is inspired from the astronomical event that’s taking place today, called ” the great conjunction” where in Saturn and Jupiter align together to appear as a merged star- hence the name the Christmas star. Scientists also believe ” The star of Bethlehem” closely associated with the lord Jesus Christ birth was a result of such a conjunction between two planets. I am an astronomy enthusiast and am looking forward for this event tonight and hoping you will also be depending on your time zone. Such events are very rare in universe and nature; hence I feel they do have a strong spiritual quotient with humanity and their bond with universe. Hope you will enjoy the Poem as much as the stellar event. Take care, be safe – Rain Alchemist.



  1. Beautifully written V! Your threading of astrology through the piece is delightful. A once in a lifetime event that should not be missed. Well done, my friend! I hope you have clear skies for the reunion! Best wishes to you and yours, my friend!

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  2. Joining you with great enthusiasm to watch The Moment….at least there is one moment to remember by this awful year; the proverbial silver lining.
    Do read my article on Christmas ( on my blog) and enjoy it with your family. I bet u will like it 🙂

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