My best Friend

Humans crave for a human bond, everyone will agree,

For me, Nature has been a better companion, especially the magnificent trees,

In life, they have given me solitude and a sense of true belonging,

To ponder deep into my inner self, to find answers that I have been longing!

When dead, they become the white folio, scripting historical tales of human emotion,

Ironically better foretold in pages, when compared to a real humanly interaction!

Books are selfless and transparent without filters or heavily chained expectations.

In a world full of chaos, where most remains self-engrossed and busier,

I prefer to be enlightened by a book because comparatively, that’s far easier!



  1. Powerful V! I just finished a piece with the same subject. Great minds think alike. Good to see you in the feed. I agree there is a truth in books, unvarnished characters, that allow for a much deeper connection than what would seem like a human interaction these days. I am just hoping that will not always be the case. Take care, my friend!

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    • Thanks for reading Brad, you always are there to comment and share your feedback on my thoughts. I had taken a break, but I am hoping I will be back with more of my thoughts. I am honoured that our thoughts match and you have also written on a similar topic, can’t wait to read. I agree with your comment on this piece though. Hope you are doing well. Take care 🙂🙏

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  2. Books can be wonderful explorations into other worlds or ideas you have not yet considered. I like trees and nature too, preferring it as well to human companionship at times. I have two very large oak trees in front of my house that are home to several squirrels and many beautiful birds…if you just stop to watch. Giant redwoods and willow trees are my favorite, especially the spiral cork willow trees, pear trees that bloom white in the Spring, or the cherry blossom trees on the mall in Wash DC that bloom light pink. Crepe myrtles are great too.

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    • First of all thanks for reading my work and such a beautiful co relation to nature and the environment surrounding your vicinity. I must say you are truly blessed, your comment itself transported me to your world and I can feel the bliss, I am not sure what would have been my excitement if I truly witnessed this. Anyways thanks again 🙂🙏

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  3. When I first got sober a big Moreton Bay Fig was my higher power.. I used to go sit under it to feel my connection to everything.. I Love the thought that trees give us paper.. for books to contains such wisdom.. I love this post.. paper has rain and air and wind it it too… Thich Nhat Hanh writes beautifully about this.. ❤

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    • It had been a while since I wrote something, I called it a break but honestly, I had no thoughts. I felt this post was one of my most average ones, not many twists and metaphors just a message. But when I get comments from you or like-minded, your co-related thoughts on the value of trees and their continued wisdom as white pages, my heart overwhelms. Your comment is such beautiful and opens a new perspective for me to explore and I was glad that in my naive way I played a string and the music reaches to you and people alike. Thanks a lot 🙂🙏

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