Time Travel Paradox

Such a baffling mystery for one to unravel,

The strange hidden secrets of time travel,

While for all, time does seem universally constant,

But would you agree that its experience for each is never consistent!


Why need a time machine to wonder a journey of such level,

While in each passing second you are already living that marvel,

And why is that time always tends to move ahead,

Not letting you move backward to undo things instead!


Some might be satisfied with this simple definition,

But fanatics like you need a deeper leap into this exploration,

The speed of light is a bumper that can slow you in your destination,

Unless you find a faster alternative, to break free of your limitation!


Anything faster than light is still not known in this universe,

But don’t give up hope yet, theoretical options are still diverse,

The dense gravitational force that can bend even time and space,

Resides in the heart of black holes, from which there is no escape!


The massive dark monster, where even time has a split existence,

In that condensed singularity, you may witness past, present and future all at once,

But this is a one-way trip, with this bizarre form of time you are forever stuck,

If you ever come out as an energy form, it will only be due to godly luck!


Hang in there, listen to me, don’t yet lose your lunatic goals,

As in the fabric of space-time, there is yet another loophole,

You can enter one point in time to another through a negatively charged hole,

The cosmic tunnel of creation is named the wormholes!


But your zeal to visit the past is to attain the grandfather paradox,

To fix your messed up future, to change the onward-moving clock,

But an unwanted change in the past will cause a rippled butterfly effect,

That’s why the growing entropy, will not allow you to cause this defect!


Move back in time, but it may not be your same universe,

Hence you can be a witness, but what’s happened you cannot reverse,

The theory takes a quantum leap in an intricate subatomic verse,

A rip in space and time can open up a multiverse!


And if you can disintegrate into atoms that defy the laws of time,

To move forward or backward, your chances are sublime,

But humans can’t break and reintegrate into whole again,

Hence, in quantum theory, it’s possible but practically it’s vain!


To achieve the above concepts, we need advanced technologies,

We are yet to get there, hence my sincere apologies,

But rest assure time travel is just not a fantasy science theory,

One day it may be real and can become your story!

Dear Readers, Hope you are doing well! While I was equally excited to write this piece of poetry, I also want to say sorry for two reasons. One, the poetry scheme is bit longer than my usual work, second, its loaded with scientific theory and paradox about time travel. Hence its not a hopeful sci-fi tale of a time travel ( though I will love to write one sometime), instead, its all those scientific theories which opens up the possibility to travel in time, yet are not complete to be practically possible yet. But like many scientists say on am impossible theory “Never say never”. Hence, I hope you will read and enjoy the poem and if its too scientific with words, forgive me already . Have a great Sunday, take care – Rain Alchemist.



  1. No apologies needed, my friend. I thought the length was fine. In fact, I could have read a few more stanzas and not feel like it was overdone. And your weaving of scientific theory and postulation within the words is exactly what makes it so unique and enjoyable. I, like you, hold out hope that there are still so many things we have yet to discover. And that puts us in a world full of wonder and excitement. One day, when finally solve the puzzle of time travel, we will have to decide how to use that knowledge to the benefit of all mankind. Really enjoyed this piece, V!

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  2. RAIN ALCHEMIST. absolutely brilliant, perfect length, I can see the short story with this as the introduction. I could and will re-read this over and over and over again. You could call it speculative non-fiction. we all time travel, I do believe especially when we are not aware we have slipped in to something another dimension and we move back and forward in that tear/rip in the fabric. Oh my thank you for this SHARE .. It will help me through black history month, virtual reunions of family and school chums and hearing stories about and from people I thought I knew well but do not.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot for reading and such kind comments on my work. You have given a new perspective to the whole factual piece I have written and if in any ways it opens doors for ethereal time travel to understand or know things which we clearly don’t, then I am glad extremely glad. Such view points keeps me motivated to write. Thanks again for that, take care.


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