Value of Darkness

A concept which I could never clearly understand,

Why we fear darkness, why it is so hard to withstand.

Why this stigmatic notion to always remain positive,

Why a taboo that compels optimism and repels negative.

But let me explain to you, every word that I say,

Before you consider me evil and be ready to slay.

Darkness makes this universe for about ninety-five percent,

You, I, and the light we strive for are tiny fractions of this Cresent!

The unseen dark matter, a cosmic cushion that glues our word together,

The mysterious dark energy that pushes this universe to grow bigger,

They are dark and negative, yet our underrated supporters!

And don’t forget we all have risen from a pitch-black pit of singularity,

It’s just not the light but its absence too that defines our individuality.

Do carry that lantern of hope, be sanguine and persistent,

But remember without a negative force there is also no existence!

So what’s wrong with all the darkness that lingers and surrounds,

Embrace it too, trust me it’s a world enigmatic and profound,

Believe in me it’s a fact that someday might astound,

Things you miss to see in brightness, in darkness, they are often found!



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