A lovely Wish

For once, try to open your hearts window,

You will find me waiting in a lovely meadow,

In the middle of our elegant dreamland,

With a bouquet of my feelings, look, I still stand!

Friends ask why my songs are about Love not yet found,

I say, Love, I have found, just that you are not around,

It’s a tiny barrier built by our complex engagement,

Beyond which, Love will always be our agreement!

Then why does this bridge feel enterally long,

Many question me why haven’t I moved on,

But I know, Our undeterred affair still has a chance,

Someday we unfurl together in a promised dance!

So break the barrier, let me in my sunshine,

Let’s celebrate us with a toast of fine wine,

Our union, I believe, will be no less divine,

If once you let me be your “Valentine”!



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