One-sided love

My side of love though one-sided,

Have always been unconditional,

At the mercy of your sides conditions,

Your approval and unclear intentions!


Love is whole when it’s reciprocal,

If not mutual, it remains incomplete,

Found under the debris of rejection,

Or turning foul with sheer ignorance,

Forever soiled waiting for acceptance.


My side long accused of being wrong,

But it was you who failed to belong,

Your heart tried to escape confession,

By blaming my feelings as an obsession,

Making me doubt my limitless offering,

It felt less due to your shortcomings!


Under this shadow, love feels like sin,

In a game of sides, think who will win?

My one-sided love was never imperfect,

Yours is muddled, unable to accept or reject!




  1. Your subject is a situation that many can relate to. I love that through the verses I never sense any anger or frustration, just a disappointment that your love cannot be returned in kind. There is no laying of blame, just an acceptance that some love is just what it appears to be and nothing more. The form moving from quatrain, to quintain, to sestet and back to quatrain is beautiful and provides a unique rhythm to the verses. The emotions are expressed clearly and unambiguously. Well written, my friend! Your work continues to grow and is a delight to read!

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    • Thanks for reading Brad. You get it so well, may get an idea from my love poems that it’s about me, forever speaking about lost love, not found love, a craved for love or one-sided, but to be honest more than mine observed it’s most peoples story. The feeling of love itself is a success, whether it’s complete or incomplete. The poem as such is complaints, but I too am glad that it doesn’t give a vibe of anger for frustration. About the format, trust me I am still learning, I learn from your posts every week, I did even know the names of that stanzas, but your comment teaches a lot. When I write, I had no set mind to follow a format; it just goes with the flow. I am always thankful to you for your consistent support and motivation. Thanks a lot my dear friend. πŸ™‚πŸ™

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      • It is when we feel led in a certain direction that we stumble upon the unique and truly beautiful. Letting your words choose their own place is a remarkable gift. Always amazed by the wonders you create!

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    • Thanks, your comment is flattering; well, it also depends on a reader’s mindset, of course. As a writer, I would appreciate a more significant audience so that my work can touch more souls. However, for me, the process is also about self, writing, practising and repeating; I feel that’s only going to polish us to shine better. I love your aspirations and my best wishes to you in your endeavours. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚πŸ™

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    • Thanks for reading and your comments; you can take a trip through my blog if you like, you will find similar or other interesting content if you like. Thanks again, means a lot πŸ™


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