The familiar of Witchbane

A black feline with golden slit eyes,

Cross my path with purrs and cries.

As I traverse through a muddy lane,

Into the infamous town of Witchbane!


Moonlit night drenched with fright,

Exploring terror is my insane plight.

Debunking myths uncanny to sight,

I am seeking things devoid of light!


Don’t cross the cursed threshold,

Or else bad luck is all you behold.

Unsure in future what may descend,

I take a step into this dark legend!


As I pass the scary line of folklore,

It feels I have opened a magic door.

Through a portal of flickering time,

I have entered a past, still pristine!


An ancient world in monochrome,

Olden era very different from home.

A land of sorcery that pagans own,

In its roots, the occult has grown!


Once ripe in charm, now disowned,

A strong lineage brutally dethroned.

What ill fate made it a ghost town,

Lost in this weird puzzle, I am blown.


Startled by the toll of midtown bell,

A shadow moves in a stealthy shell.

I follow the shape to a burnt tower,

A broken relic of former power!


A growl, warning me to stay back,

The cat waits on the execution rack.

Fiery stare with her glaring sight,

She guards her territory with might!


Entirely surprised with what I see,

She shapeshifts to look like me.

Arrowing fireball from her mind,

Striking with mystical spellbind!


Inflicted by a supernatural vision,

I witness a horror with precision.

Town folks accused of witchcraft,

Burnt alive tied to a wooden draft!


As these witches burn at stake,

With a tremor, the town shakes.

Their souls depart as firewhirls,

Blazing existence as it swirls!


Flaming wind speeding at me,

Death and despair all I foresee.

Suddenly, a tail wraps my waist,

It pulled me to safety in haste!


As I crash back to a similar plane,

It’s my side, no injuries, I sustain.

Protected now by a gigantic cat,

I am confused about how to react!


She speaks in a human tone,

Assures to me I am not alone.

In her presence, I can feel safe,

From misery, I have escaped!


Her story, extremely peculiar,

She was village’s grand familiar!

The purest form of nature entity,

They worshipped her like a deity!


Noble pupils with nature magic,

Their art helped sick and tragic.

Witchery was not the prime evil!

The human belief was the devil!


Sinless charred or cut to slashes,

Their civilization reduced to ashes.

As the magical fort fell long ago,

Monsters birthed from man’s ego!


She lurks in dark corners of history,

Like a scribe to a long lost mystery,

A phantom that still lives to remind,

Of forgotten sins that are left behind!


My heart swells with deep emotion,

I chronicle in a sad commotion.

Consoling me with her warm fur,

She said goodbye in a final purr!


A black feline with golden slit eyes,

Crossed paths with purrs and cries,

As I traverse back a muddy lane,

From the tragic legend of Witchbane!

Hello Readers, this post is yet another attempt into supernatural fiction writing. And as this is one of my favorite genres, I find it difficult to hold myself in telling the story in shorter format. Hence this post is way more longer than any of my post, in fact the second longest of all my work, with 20 Stanzas and 501 words. But when I started this I did not think I will have such a long story to tell and the writing process in a poetic style was extreme fun. Hence, if you have that patience to read, please go ahead as the “Familiar of Witchbane” is your narrator this time. Thanks for all your support, please share your likes and comments on the post. Take care – Rain Alchemist.



  1. Your talents really shine in this genre, V! Length is inconsequential when they words are so worthy. I love the imagery and the nod to the mystic and ancient. It ha san unhurried tempo that allows the reader to linger in the darkness and be envelope in the emotions you invoke. Certainly, one of your best, though there are many that are so good. I enjoyed this one and I find a little something more each time I read it. Well written, my good friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot, Brad, for reading and your comment on my work. Though I am a bit critical about the length of my career, I thought it was just about a black cat crossing path and the myths attached to it. I did not know this will translate to a story about a town or explore other aspects of folklore. After six stanzas, I was like, this is not getting over, and I have so much to tell, so I thought I would give on this story, but as you mentioned, I kept patience and maintained a steady tempo without hurrying to end it soon. One thing that I tried to do here, which is different from my other horror poems, is to maintain shorter sentences with the precision of word choices, or else I do agree on a lengthy poem seems more lengthy and complicated to relate to. I give you credit as your feedback has helped me into these essential aspects, and I hope I could follow that in this work. This work though supernatural is not about darkness or horror, and if you were able to follow the story, it’s more about debunking real monsters, like how Josh Gates explores urban legends in his tv shows. Lastly, I am always sceptical of readers response on such kind of work, though my favourite, on such topics, I haven’t got much of a thumbs-up of motivation to keep going. But you are always there, supporting and guiding, and through that, I find hope. Thanks a lot, my dear friend. I can never be able to return the favour you have given to me in the world of writing 🙂🙏

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      • It is my pleasure, V! And you return the favor every time you put pen to paper and give us us such wonderful verses to read. Certainly your line length, through the use of word choices, helps lend itself to a natural rhythm throughout the verse. I would not be overly concerned about the response you get from posting here. Sometimes, especially with these types of pieces which require some thought and perspective, readers may be a bit overwhelmed or unsure of your meaning, and therefore unable or unwilling to comment as they are not sure they “got” what you were saying. Even I have fallen into that trap on occasion, not with your work, but with others. Just continue you being you, writing what feels right to you, and constantly pushing yourself to dig deeper. That will be its own joy in the end! Stay well, my friend!

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