Letting go

For long, you have fed my heart with only care,

That it’s fat with many emotions, all just for you.

I sincerely doubt if my heart is even a tiny bit of me,

But I know for sure it is filled with a whole lot of you.

It’s Soaked, plump, and ripe in your unconditional love!


Sadly our journey together, held by a thin string of time,

And someday I have to pour you out, to let you go,

Until then, I will carry your weight safely inside my chest,

Even if I choke each day, with thoughts of saying goodbye,

I won’t deny, with this fear, I often break, and I often cry!


I wish our time together was thicker than our feelings,

Then the pain of losing you would be a more easy dealing,

The world says we all leave our baggage behind in the end,

Living life with your sweet memories is all I have to pretend,

Trust me without you; my existence would be baseless,

A heart abandoned from within would forever become heartless!




  1. Lovely verse, Rain! There is a touch of sadness but it is not a sense of self-pity. It is a understanding of what can and cannot be, and the calm acceptance of that dichotomy. I was captured by the first two lines that pushed me to see where this went. The metaphor of the heart encapsulating our emotions and love is strong and easily understood. You touch on a condition not unfamiliar to any reader. A time where our choice is not given to what is easiest, most comfortable, our best for ourselves, but to what is right, necessary, and within the natural balance. The consistent line lengths lend a very even pace and tempo making a it a wonderful read. Well done, my friend!

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