Cockroach under my bed

During the cold wee hours of a dead wintry night,

Something is freaky under the streak of moonlight,

My insane imagination is moving way too ahead,

It is demonizing a cockroach wriggling under my bed.

In my night shack, the mystical moonbeam is putting up a creep show,

Look, the attracted crawler is slowly writhing towards the silvery glow,

Next, what happens is strange; for rational thought, it’s not very precise,

I believe the insect twitches and expands to grow into a monstrous size!

The tiny creep transforms into a beast too hideous to withstand,

On twisted arms and bent hind legs, it rises above my bed stand.

Dark brown thick skin sticking to its sharp, depraved bones,

Jerking its ovular head, intimidating me while I am all alone!

Visible under the moon rays, I can now see its apparent features,

A bogeyman of my mind, a frightening night creature.

It has a dark wrinkled face and large eyes that are greenish-red,

With needles for teeth and horned antlers on its forehead!

As if struck by a night terror, I am neither asleep nor awake,

I am stuck in a scary limbo; my body also refuses to shake,

For this odd experience, my stressful mind is to blame,

As it plays with my sanity in this bizarre, messed up game.

The entity grins and groans as it sniffs my fear through its nose slits,

Slurping a long forked tongue on me as if raging in a devilish fit,

But then it stops, silently erect as if recalling an insidious plan,

It raises its finger blade to draw dark blood from its claw-like hands!

Using its fanged nails, it carves an eerie symbol on my feet,

Rinses the scratch from its evil pus, murmuring a chant in repeat,

A burn from this scar travels my paralysed body from foot to head,

With a glaring vision, I see images of people who will soon drop dead!

With a purpose fulfilled, the demon spreads its leathered wing,

It fleets into the stream of moonlight, completing the wicked sting,

As it flies away, it transforms again to that non feared tiny roach,

Into this heart startling night, as I scaredly wait for dawn’s approach!

I hope I could dismiss this experience as a bad dream,

Instead, the creature keeps visiting, making my nights extreme,

I am not sure if it’s a loyal spawn of the infamous Grimm Reaper,

Who afflict me with sights that make me a death whisperer!

During the pale wee hours of full moon nights,

Freaky things happen under the streak of moonlight,

My insane imagination is quite genuine in my head,

A demon cockroach does live under my bed.



  1. You have woven suspense and horror into a quiet night in bed. Wonderfully creative and well paced. You maintain a steady rhythm with the line lengths and phrasing. Your ability to describe a scene and draw the reader in has really grown, my friend. Another well done piece!

    Liked by 1 person

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