Desiring Rain

Oh Rain, finally you have heard my aching call,

On my burning scars, today you decided to fall.

Your cold touch extinguishing this life’s blazing fire,

Releasing my pain in the smoke of unfulfilled desire.

And for once, I sit quiet, drenched under your influence,

My stench is of a conflict with myself and your calm presence!

My heart, an empty crater will collect your essence,

To survive those dreaded days to come in your absence.

You are a miracle cure to many problems that can exist,

You make a deserted soul like me the hopeful Rain Alchemist!



  1. Great imagery and tension. It holds the admiration of an ode, but the casual rhyme scheme and meter lend a more subdued desire than all out adoration. This is a lovely origin story in poetic form, a signature piece so to speak. Well done, my friend. Hope you and your loved ones are well!

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