Weeping Pain

My life injected with a lot of pain,

That it has swollen up all my veins,

Nowhere to vent, no place to drain,

It rots within as dirty, clogged rain!


Unshed tears, my heart holds back,

Seeps from my wounded skin cracks,

Soul inflamed with scars of despair,

That finds no one who can care!


I am soaked wet in weeping sorrow,

With agony that no one will borrow,

No warmth, expectations can bring,

In self-sufficient world, means nothing!


Yet to the people I put a happy face,

But my Inside aches with a grimace.

Who will look beyond my fake smile,

Even if my tragic tale is worthwhile!


    • Thanks a lot for reading my work. Not sure what Brad thinks about this one, usually my work has that sadness but hopes too, but in this one, there is no space for it. I never felt anyone could relate to it, but your comments make me think that someone can understand. I hope that the weeping pain you think gets better soon. Thanks again 🙏

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  1. This is a wonderful expression of emotions that are often hard to put into words. But the imagery you use is powerful and elucidates the pain and sadness that remains hidden to the outside world. I like that you remained in the moment without need to offer some lighter side in an attempt to balance the emotions. I applaud you for digging deep into the darkness and sharing what you find without fear or hesitation. The rhyme scheme is well placed and the meter and length are agreeable to the subject. Well done, my friend!

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