I sit at the banks of time,

Lamenting your departure,

As death sails, you away to,

Far reaches of the afterlife,

My side, a living distraught!


This mortal wave of fate,

Swept the castle we built,

Hard to find broken pieces,

If blinded by tears of guilt,

Left nothing behind to rebuild!


People say I did, all I could,

Fulfilled duties that I should,

Still, this agony speaks so loud,

Don’t know, if I made you proud?

In distress with many doubts!


Life has become standstill,

Not sure how to gather will,

You were the core of my strength,

How to live my life to its length,

Breathing without a purpose!


Last night I sensed your presence,

Felt alive in your warm essence,

Brushing my hair in a gentle streak,

Your touch, a peck on my cheek,

Putting my worn self to sleep!


Dead inside, even though alive,

To honor your name, I will strive,

I will achieve all you ever wished,

With one last hope, before I perish,

To be with you again when I leave!


Dedicated to my Mommy ( my everything)



  1. Beautifully written and a wonderful testament to your Mom, my friend! She has gone on to a place free of the suffering and pain of this world from where she can watch over you with great pride in the man you have become. This is well written and full of emotion that the reader can connect with. Stay strong, V! You have many chapters yet to be written.

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    Did you, did you turn to look at me,
    One last time?
    Did you, did you smile to reassure me,
    One last time?
    I will never know.
    No goodbye, not a word,
    Like the flight of a bird, sudden, quick,
    A gasp, a blink, you left.
    The heart slowing down,
    S l o w, s l o w e r, b a r e l y t h e r e,
    Lungs getting tired,
    I n h a l e, e x h a l e, e x h a l e,
    Struggle, perspiration, a frown,
    Your spirit losing the fire,
    Life and death battling on,
    ‘Be with me, fight on Ma!’
    You fought, wheezed, coughed for long.
    Wheezed, breathed, exhaled,
    And then the slumber of relief and comfort,
    Life wins, Death rests.
    Then the monitor beeping to life,
    White, green, green, white- all haze,
    I saw you slipping away,
    My eyes flitting between the monitor and you…
    Mind paralysed, heart numb,
    ‘Ma stay, don’t go!’,
    Death wins, Life rests.

    We’re not done yet, Ma…..
    So much to hear, so much to say….
    This grief of separation,
    An albatross around my neck.
    I can’t untie it, I can’t loosen it.
    Untie it, Ma; free my soul of grief,
    Of heartbreak, of sadness,
    Just like you would free me,
    Of all my worries when my head touched your breast,
    Your hand my head caressed,
    And our hearts chimed a symphony.

    I can totally understand your emotions.

    Here’s my tribute to my Ma. My everything.


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