Our Story

Rain reminds me of our story Ma,

How I was scared of thunders and storms.

And how you would run to protect me,

Breaking all the humanly norms!

And how you covered my little soul,

Under the comfort of a motherly stole.

Even with concerned smiles and sighs,

You assured my safety from darker skies!


Alone in the rain,  I stand cold and bare,

Crying little with nature, I still feel scared,

Holding your essence tight to my chest,

I feel your warmth that can give me rest!

My space made of your maternal capes,

Hideout from the pain, a silent escape.

Even though not in a physical form,

For me, you will still break norms!


Rain reminds me of our story Ma,

How I am scared of thunders and storms.

And I know you still would run to protect me,

Form up above; you will always keep me warm!


“Our Story” dedicated to my mommy ( my everything)



  1. Beautifully written tribute to your mother, my friend! I love how your return to the first stanza to close as it makes it feel like, much like life, it has come full circle. This is wonderful and full of strong emotions captured clearly.

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  2. I found you from Brad’s site and poem. I too am sorry for your loss. Your tribute to your mother is so beautifully expressive and such a strong emotional feel.

    ❤️ To you and your family.

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    • Thank you for finding me and reading my latest poem. Brad is not just a good friend but a true inspiration. My mom was and still is everything for me, so I can’t hold on to my emotions, the only way I know to express is through writing. Your kind comments means a lot. 🙏


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