Still There

My pinning eyes search the clouds,

Now one of them must be you,

Only you can heal my aching heart,

Like fresh drizzle of morning dew!


I saw your face in a thunder flash,

My soul skipped a happy beat,

You are divine, my dear mother,

Looking at me from natures seat!


The nights I sob in my lonely bed,

I know you come to caress me,

Bathing me in your loving grace,

That I deeply feel but cannot see!


Sometimes I can hear your voice,

Telling me what I have to do,

Reality tells its grieving mind,

Still guiding me, I believe it’s you!


At times you walk into my dreams,

To fill that ever-hurting void,

For what’s living without you?

From all life’s joy, I feel devoid!


When I write in your memories,

My words only get stronger,

In them, you will forever live,

For decades, ages and longer!


I know with us, time wasn’t fair,

Sadly against fate, one can’t dare,

I am here; you now somewhere,

But for me, I know you are still there!


Dedicated to my Mummy ( my everything)



  1. Beautifully penned, my young friend! Overflowing with emotion and heart. I can sense the longing to be near to her again and feel moved by the purity of your expressions of love. Your love and devotion to her is palpable and eternal. Stay strong, V!

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    • Thanks, Brad, for always reading my poems and being the best guide for me. In the past, I never wrote about her as I could not find words, now too; I find it so hard to express my emotions for her, but the more I try, they flow like a river. And the river is forever my friend, so until I can my words will flow in her dedication. Thanks again Brad, take care

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