Fortunately! I still find your grey hairs

In every nook and corner of our house

The last remnants of your mortal body

But for me, they are not just lost relics

They are the souvenir you left behind

Of our memories and your experiences

In them are all the stories lived by you

Dropped for me, silvery silken heritage

I keep them under the folds of my soul

Right into the safe pockets of my heart

And on the days I am blinded by grief

I open them to feel your warm essence

I read them to imagine your presence

Through them, I find my sustenance

They guide my wavy life into balance!

Dedicated to my mommy ( my everything)



  1. Whether it be a parent, a grandparent, a sibling, a significant other, all of us can relate to these words on some level. I felt them, and I was reminded that looking at the treasures I received helps me focus on the positivity of someone in my life rather than the grief without that person in my life. Thank you for brightening my thoughts today with this lovely blog post!

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    • Thanks a lot for reading and I am glad that you could relate to the poem and it shares some kind of positivity that you felt . All I feel is grief but I guess it is my mothers grace that gives some light to my work . Your comment is wonderful and means a lot . Wishing you a wonderful day ahead , take care

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  2. This is a wonderful poem, my friend! You have taken a common object and imbued it with such great meaning and emotions. Readers can easily connect with the subject and the emotions. The finding of the uncommon in such a common thing as a shed hair is the height of great poetry. You writing has evolved and grown over the time that I have known you and I am proud to be your friend. You should be just as proud of your work. There is great talent obvious within these lines. I am so proud of you!

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    • Thanks a lot for reading, Brad; your comments indeed brought tears to my eyes. You know Friday’s full moon, otherwise called the buck moon, is celebrated in India as Guru Poornima. During this day, a disciple dedicates his respect, love and dedication for him, Guru or teacher. My grandfather and my mother have been great mentors; they still are, even though not on the earthly plane anymore. But then I have you too, and you have always been a great mentor. Hence I bow down to you with all devotion and respect and would seek your guidance forever. Thanks for being the guiding light

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      • You honor me with your words and your gracious gesture. I hold you in great esteem as well, my friend. I am happy to be of service and return your respect in kind. I will always be that which I have always been, your friend.

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