Quest for Love

You expect to find roses,

In a garden full of thorns,

Yet you cry when nicked,

Feel betrayed and wronged!

Road to finding true love,

Mainly laid in deep pain.

You have to strive harder,

If finding love is your aim!

Otherwise, back out now,

Don’t crib or complain.

This world of conditions,

Can hurt your emotions.

Yet seek your exception,

With fewer expectations!

You may find your rose,

In a garden full of thorns,

If you can bear the pricks,

With a little less remorse!

Dedicated to my mommy ( my everything)

Love can have different meanings in different people’s life, for some its about a life partner(soul mates), for some its a passion or career, for some is family, parents, sibling, for me love equals to my mother, it was, it is, forever will be. A poetry for everyone in a quest for true love – Rain Alchemist.



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