Dismantled Dandelion

On my love, death wished upon,

In its fatal blow, she was gone.

Dispersing her pieces, far away,

Not even a bit of her left to stay.

She drifted afar as soft feathers,

To my life, now no more tethered.

I am but a dismantled dandelion, 

Barren of life, barely holding on!

Dedicated to my mommy (my everything)



  1. This is one of your best, my friend! Beautiful in form and wonderfully lyrical. I hope you continue to find breath for your emotions and that doing so brings you some comfort. Brighter days are ahead, though they seem distant right now. Stay strong, brother, you are not done yet!

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    • Hi Brad, thanks a lot for reading. You know its a folklore that if you can blow all the seeds of the dandelion in one breath, thinking about someone you genuinely love, the person will not just receive your message, but your love for them will become the purest of all. I know the poetry is sad but a true expression of my feelings. Your comment is truly motivating and gives me hope; I am lucky to have you around. Thanks a lot for your never-ending support 🙏

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