A Dream in a dream

I saw a dream in a dream,

My life, full of struggles and screams.

Yet not surprised by this duality,

My dream life is just like my reality.


Amidst all the existential commotion,

I gasp for life under heavy emotions.

And of everything I have ever lost,

Through pain, I am still paying the cost.


This world hardly offered any healing,

They kept playing a lot with my feelings.

Now all I have is broken expectations,

Wrapped carefully in loveless sensation.


In this realm, I must constantly run,

In heavy storms, watching a fading sun.

From thorny thickets to scary landscapes,

I feverously run, looking for an escape.


My sorrows attached in me so deep,

I feel drained but hardly find any sleep.

But if somehow, I slumber into a dream,

She visits me, gliding on a sparkling stream.


In this dream of mine, I am my witness,

Of her pure bliss and motherly caress,

She laughs and talks, plays with me,

She shows me the hope that I must see!


Her ethereal touch takes away my agony,

Her voice plays like a calming symphony,

Her smile gives me a reason to survive,

Her words still guiding my unpaved life.


A dream in a dream; I see her by my side,

As if she never left, here only she resides,

Will the sleeping me realize this ever?

She is with us now; she will be forever!


A Dream in a dream ( A lucid experience) dedicated to my mommy ( my everything)



  1. Wonderfully written, my friend! Your create a world between reality and dream where anything can happen. The phrasing is beautiful and full of emotion. The repeated first line of the first and last stanza ties this together in a marvelous way. Some of your best poetry!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot Brad for reading and your critical comments which always gives me an insight not just on my work but also my emotions. Your motivating words gives me the hope that my path as a writer will see some light at the end of the tunnel. You are aware I was cut off and away from many things, that including reading which has always been my first hobby, I will soon start with your amazing poems and stories and excuse me beforehand if I overwhelm you with comments. Hope you are doing well brother.

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